Sometimes life sucks crap.
It happens to the best of us
Once, or perhaps several times;
Life comes as the schoolyard bully,
Punches us in the face until we stagger back,
And with no rhyme or reason,
No regarding good or bad,
No discernible sense for justice or deservability–
Life fells us where we stood.
Then landing with a thud,
We see the broken shards of our dreams strewn all around us while we bleed,
Clamoring for cover,
Desperate for respite.
Sometimes in its inexplicable cruelty,
That motherfucker will kick us when we’re already fallen and wounded.
When those days come for you,
May you have the brave audacity to cry out until help arrives,
The strength to keep breathing in and out.
As you lie there broken and begging for reprieve,
May you have the consolation of one part of you which has not been brutalized.
May you have the grace of some deep indelible spark, however faint;
Some firefly flickering of undeniable, indefatigable hope,
The wisdom to lay there until you are ready to rise,
The courage to stand when ready,
And the deep blessing of a clear path home.

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