When group classes are readily available at reasonable prices, why choose private or semi-private lessons?  There are many reasons private lessons might be right for you.

Beginners gain confidence with individual attention, asking all the questions they want

Trauma Survivors avoid potential triggers of unknown people in the room and work specifically on down-regulating an agitated nervous system with a teacher who is well attuned to your specific needs

Athletes benefit from sport-specific and training-cycle specific active recovery

People with injuries take time to ask questions and receive guidance regarding modifications outside of a class setting

Very busy people optimize time by bringing a teacher to them

Practitioners of any level receive individual guidance on establishing a home practice

People experiencing life transitions (marriage, pregnancy, career transitions, divorce or loss, etc) get a completely personalized supportive practice experience

Practitioners who enjoy being assisted get all the individual attention they want

Advanced practitioners benefit from individual assistance with more challenging asana and transitions

People planning special events can have a yoga practice tailored to their event and their group to include people of any (or no) level of yoga experience

If you think private or semi-private yoga is right for you (or you and your spouse, partner, family, community, etc), contact me and let’s talk about it.