Emotional Triage and My Own Emerging Wisdom

I am on the phone with a local radio host for an interview about yoga and wellness for entrepreneurs.  She tells me she always prays before the show to center herself, so I am silent as she thanks the almighty for the opportunity to help people, humbly asking that others be moved toward healing.  Finally … Continue reading Emotional Triage and My Own Emerging Wisdom

Healing In Community

I remember teaching that class, lying on the hospital floor with my students, noting with growing alarm while cueing them to observe the sensations in their bodies that my own body was clenching and that I couldn't stop it.  I began to panic.  I wasn't ready to talk about it.  I asked them to lie on their bellies with their foreheads on their hands--a position I'd always noticed this particular class loved.  I told them I would be silent for about a minute.  I struggled not to cry...