Remember what it’s like to wake among the trees with the morning light and birdsong? How it feels to have the grass beneath your toes? What it is to share stories and friendship with neighbors around the fire when day is done? When’s the last time you practiced yoga outdoors, with a breeze kissing your face in savasana? This is your chance to unplug, renew, and ground yourself in our natural environment.

We’re going to Falls Lake, where we’ll set up camp in a group site right next to the lake. There are options to arrive Friday evening or Saturday morning, and we’ll complete the retreat all together Sunday morning.

Your camping retreat will include:

  • Morning group meditation (Sat and Sun)
  • Morning group yoga practice (Sat and Sun)
  • Evening group yoga practice (Fri and Sat)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner cooked over an open fire (and we aren’t talking hot dogs and foil potatoes, either–you can expect butternut squash risotto, spiced apple oatmeal and other legit campfire meals!)
  • Evening campfire circle; unstructured time for humankind’s original social networking (Fri and Sat)
  • Smores (Did you know that your yoga teacher makes marshmallows? They’re amazing. You want to come on retreat just for the marshmallows.)
  • Campsite adjacent to beautiful Falls Lake, where optional downtime activities can include fishing and swimming
  • Access to beautiful trail running/hiking/cycling
  • Ample downtime to visit with your new friends, lay in hammocks, walk, swim, etc–your chance to unplug and recharge
  • …and yes, there are bathrooms with running water including hot showers! :)

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